One Time Service/Nutrition-Fitness Plan


This package plan is for those individuals who would like to train on their own but would like to have a more structured program that they can follow. We will create custom personalized fitness and nutrition plan specific to the client needs. The Client needs to come prepared to spend one hour and 45 minutes for consultation. Please be advised that this is a one time encounter.  After the client completes all fitness and nutrition assessment the client will pass to the second phase of consultation which will be the fitness testing and body composition.  The final phase will be hands-on one-on-one training to teach the client safe and proper forms of exercises that they can do on their own.   This will prepare them to reach their fitness goals.   


Evaluation and Assessment

  • Body Composition

  • Body Measurement

  • Fitness Assessment

  • Fitness Testing

  • Nutrition Assessment

  • Goal Settings

  • Personalized Fitness Plan

  • Personalized Nutrition Plan

  • Two Follow-Up Phone Calls: You will receive one call at the end of the first week and the second call at the end of the third week

  • This is a 30-day custom plan

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30 min. Personal Training Sessions

Choose  8, 10 or 16 session. 

45 min. Personal Training Sessions

Choose 8, 10 or 16 sessions.  

55 min. Personal Training Sessions

Choose 8, 10 or 16 sessions.  

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One-on-one training is giving you the personal attention that you deserve to finally help you reach your fitness goals. This is done in a private studio that is never crowded as it is By Appointment Only. You will work with one trainer who will design a specific exercise program based on your personal fitness needs and will keep you motivated until you reach your desire fitness goals.  Our programs are design to include a variety of exercises so that you don't get bored, but rather have fun while working out.  Are you ready for a NEW YOU!!!

Upgrade any of your training packages by adding Fitness and Nutrition Coaching  ​



Training sessions: 8, 10, and 16 sessions purchases to be used within 3 months of purchase.


This only applies to One-on-One personal training sessions




  • Body Composition

  • Body Measurement

  • Weight Assessement

  • Nutrition Assessment

  • Nutrition Inventory

  • Nutrition Plan (based on clients nutrition goals)

  • Weekly Nutrition Follow up

  • Nutrition Education: Handout, cooking tips

  • book recommendations, and other ideas

  • Fitness Questionnaire

  • Fitness Assessment/Inventory

  • Fitness Plan






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a group is considered 3 or more participants
partner training 2 participants
Partner or group training is a fun and an affordable way to reach your fitness goals.  It is another way to help you keep motivated by being accountable not only to yourself but also to your partner or group buddies.

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30 Minutes Group Training 10 Sessions


45 Minutes Group Training 10 Sessions


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                            Group Session 

Due to the format and structure of group training participants will not be allowed to make up for missed training sessions. 

Note: Missed Sessions are NOT refundable

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