Evie Figueroa

Owner/Personal Trainer

My name is Evie. I have always been passionate about helping people. After I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology, I realized that I needed to further my studies in order to understand better the nature of the human mind and behavior. I obtained a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling/Clinical Psychology from Troy State University in Orlando, Florida. I have always wanted to combine the two things that I love the most fitness and counseling so I decided to become a personal trainer.  

I received my certification from the National Personal Training Institute in Orlando Florida as a Master Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant. As a counselor and personal trainer, I love to work with people of all walks of life knowing that everyone has something special in them.  Bringing the best in people is what motivates me to continue helping those that are seeking emotional stability, and those that are struggling with their weight and as a result they feel inadequate, inferior, and uncomfortable about their body image. Depression or self-esteem may play a role in the development of the client instability and doubt about themselves. Finding an appropriate long-term balance between the two is a challenge for most people. That is why I love what I do because I can help them address both their emotional and physical concerns. My goal is to encourage my clients to go beyond simple dieting. Maintaining a healthy weight goes far beyond improving energy and smaller clothing size. I teach them that this is about making behavioral modifications that will change their lives forever. I let them know that making changes can be challenging especially when you have to change lifelong habits. It takes willingness, effort, and a great deal of commitment to make these changes. Teaching and providing them with the right tools they can use to change old unhealthy habits with new healthy habits in order to reach an optimal health level is one of my goals as a personal trainer.

In order to be able to create fitness programs without limitations, I decided to open Focus, LLC Personal Training Studio in Oviedo, Florida. I hire the best qualified trainers who are energetic, enthusiastic, creative, with outgoing personalities and are ready to change lives.  Our goal is to first deliver safe, effective, and interesting workouts to all fitness-training clients. Our training programs are varied, progressive and are geared toward improving our client’s health and wellness. We are client focused professionals who passionate about fitness, which allows us to serve as positive role models for those who want to take their fitness to the next level. Our goal is to provide encouragement and motivation so that the clients can achieve their fitness objectives. We work with our clients in setting goals and providing feedback and accountability. From flexibility training, strength and resistance training, cardiovascular fitness, circuit training, interval training to balance and core workouts, we design creative, fun and dynamic workout exercise programs that delivers the best experience for our clients of all levels.  

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